Red Alert in the Studio





Red Alert, Janette Mason's new trio are in the studio recording their debut CD - Red Alert.

Catch them on the road at Watermill Jazz  - August 1st.



The Crowdfunding Campaign was a huge success.

The target was reached with 3 days to spare and then exceeded the 5k goal.

Highlights were the launch at Freedom bar on March 12th and the London Live interview.

Here's a clip of the Red Alert in action.



Red Alert marks a new direction for  the Trio. The trio play contemporary jazz — cool grooves, interesting time scapes, funky synths with a  cinematic texture. Think Herbie Hancock meets Dave Brubeck. They have recorded two successful albums, including the Parliamentary Jazz Award nominated 'Alien Left Hand'. The intuitive style and musical expertise of Tom Mason - Bass (Lizz Wright) and Jack Pollitt - Drums (Founder member of Mamas Gun), complement Janette's unique improvisational approach perfectly to create innovative, energetic and engaging live performances. 

"For all her familiarity with the commercial mainstream, Mason can't do anything obvious or unhip" - John Fordham The Guardian

Inspired to bring this music to new and diverse audiences Janette’s new sound is totally accessible.

“Jazz is alive and well – it’s an ever evolving art form and I am wholly committed to bringing this genre to a new and younger audience who are denied the opportunity to experience this music due to the narrow remit of our commercial radio stations.I want Red Alert to be at the forefront of this revolution.”

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