Din and Tonic £9.99

Photo of the album (CD) cover for Janette mason's "Din and Tonic"

Janette Mason - Din and Tonic

Din and Tonic recorded in London and the States features Mornington Lockett on saxophones with guest appearance from Warner Brothers recording artist Lea DeLaria on vocals.

It showcases Janette’s formidable talents as a composer and pianist.

The seven original compositions including 911-1441 The Last Call (based on the political events of the last four years) and the title track Din and Tonic, display a dynamic sound fusing the traditional and modern; acoustic instruments with contemporary beats, and a splattering of synths to create atmosphere.

What Robert Wyatt says about Din and Tonic: “You get her sharp wit right there in the title. I think Janette Masons’s a wonderful pianist: her improvisations are such organic extensions of the material and the stuff she writes is really challenging but sort of slinky too: as easy to get into as a warm Jacuzzi, one with plenty of fizz”

Price: £9.99
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